located on the Clarion River, between Cook Forest and Clear Creek State Parks

511 Guzzi Blvd.   River Road   Clarington, PA  15828  (814) 752 –6177


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Storybook Cabin in Winter - Cook Forest PA

We invite you to enjoy our quaint two-bedroom Cabin.
Please let us know what you need to make your stay the perfect getaway.

The River is a place to relax, not to strain from all the belongings you need to carry with you. Listed below is all you can expect to find waiting for you at the Cabin. Please… pack lightly.

The kitchen is fully equipped with stove, refrigerator, toaster, microwave, and coffee maker. Pots, pans, dishes, glassware, and silverware are provided. Kitchen towels, paper towels, coffee filters, and dish soap are also supplied.
One bedroom has a queen bed, the other a full size. A sofa sleeper allows a third sleeping space, fireside in the living room.
Sheets, blankets, and pillows are provided. Extra bedding is available to make up the sofa sleeper. Should you feel it necessary, an alarm clock is provided.
The Cabin is equipped with a shower. Towels, washcloths, and a hair dryer are provided.
Nothing compares to relaxing by fireside. The indoor wood-burning fireplace will have all the kindling, matches, and firewood you’ll need for your stay. The Cabin is also heated by natural gas, so if you prefer, you can stay toasty warm without tending a fire.
Air conditioning is available to cool the two bedrooms.
The outdoor fire-ring area offers seating and cooking utensils. Try our special “hobo pie” recipes on the open fire. A charcoal grill with charcoal and lighter fluid is also available.
Television, DVD, VCR and a selection of movies are located in the living room.
Local telephone service is available. Long distance phone service can be accessed with a calling card. Driving approximately 2 miles can pick up cell phone signals from some providers. You may be reached at the Cabin during your stay at (814) 752 – 2341.
Pet Friendly! Your dog is a part of the family. S/he is welcome at no additional fee. A 5’ by 10’ covered dog kennel is provided. Fresh hay will be laid down during the cooler months.
The interior of the Cabin is non-smoking. Please restrict smoking to the deck outside.

While you are here, there are plenty of activities. We list some of them below. Detailed information is provided in the cabin, or can be emailed in advance.

Sitting back on the porch and enjoying the sun on your face as a light breeze blows through the valley.
Deer pass through nightly. Watch for the fawns with spots from spring until September. State hunting grounds are a short drive away, but there is no hunting immediately in the area of the Cabin.
There are several canoe liveries in the area. The nearest is less than a mile away. No special gear is required with the possible exception of an old pair of tennis shoes. Canoe livery information will be in the Cabin when you arrive. The river is gentle during the majority of the year. With little to no paddling, you can enjoy an afternoon floating down one of the most beautiful rivers in Pennsylvania. Individuals age 2 to 92 can enjoy the river - from the river.
For the more adventurous – the river flows quickly in the spring and after major rainstorms. Bring your own boat for these times – the canoe liveries are not always available.
Horseback riding stables can be found in Cook Forest, less than 10 miles away. Guided trail rides are suitable for all ages. Information is available in the Cabin.
The Cabin has two adult bicycles for leisurely rides along the winding river road. If you want to check out the local mountain biking trails with your own gear, we will provide trail information in the Cabin.
Hiking trails abound from gentle to steep, refined to rugged. Maps will be provided in the Cabin.
Fishing and swimming access to the River is available.
Outboard motor craft can be launched in several locations 30 minutes to an hour away. The River near the cabin is for kayaking/canoeing only.
A beautiful free petting zoo is open nearby during the majority of year. Even if you don’t have kids on your vacation, enjoy watching other people’s children take pleasure in feeding the animals.
Fun parks with outdoor water slides, mini-golf, go-cart racing, and games are within a 10-minute drive.
ATV trails are less than a 15-minute drive away. There are no ATV trails directly connected to the Cabin.
A wide array of Country gift shops are nearby.